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sync bug with open windows

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I think i have found a problem with sync with 2 windows machines.

Lets say I have evernote open on one computer (computer A) with a note pop-up opened in its own window, and have the same note open in its own window on another computer (computer B). 

I modify the note on computer A and wait for it to sync (or sync manually), then i sync computer B. I dont see the note update on computer B, but if i close the window and re-open the note it will appear updated. If i modify this note in the popup on computer B, and close the window, the changes are saved and i lost my changes made from computer A, and this does not appear in conflicts.

If i have the note open in evernote but not in its own window (by double clicking it), this does not happen. When sync happens, i see the note being updated in the main evernote window, but not in its own window (the one i double clicked to make pop up).

I think the problem is evernote is updating the note in the main window but not updating the popup window.






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I don't see the same behavior.  I make changes to the note in a note window on computer A, sync computer A, sync computer B, update the note on computer B, sync computer B, sync computer A, then both the note window and the note panel reflect the changes on computer A. 

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