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An easier to use search option

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i have been using Evernote for some time now and and loading lots of notes, forwarding emails and office attachmentsetc.  Searching for these items is becoming a pain as the amount of items "found" is to great to quickly find what i am looking for. I know i can prefix a search such as "intitle" or "created" etc but this is not particular handy / user friendly. When can we get a new button on alongside the File / Edit / view buttons with a drop down allowing search by title or notebook or tabs or created date or keyword(s)?

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Hi.  There's lots of help with searchorganisation and tagging in the Help Center.  I agree that once you have a lot of notes,  a lot of search 'hits' follows closely behind.  It's a routine part of database management however to curate your notes so that the list of hits doesn't become unmanageably big. 

The exact process will be different for each user - extra notebooks or tags may be all the help you'll need.  I use 'smart' titles,  with the date,  source, originator and content of a document or clip.  An 'intitle:keyword' search is usually pretty effective for me.  On the occasions it generates too many hits,  I'll tag either the note(s) I wanted with an additional keyword,  or I may tag all the other notes with more accurate keywords.

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