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Sync notebook styles/colors

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I like the color-coding of notebooks that is now available in Evernote Windows v. 6. When I upgraded on my desktop (running Windows 7) I assigned a system of colors to my notebooks by right-clicking on each one and selecting Style. When I upgraded to v. on my laptop (also Win7), I expected the color-coding to come through. I synced a couple of times, and even signed out, quit EN entirely, and signed back in, but nothing. I submitted this to EN support, and received this reply:


Color coding notebook titles is application specific and does not sync to the Evernote application on other devices.

However, this is the same application under the same OS, on two different devices. I can understand why styles might not sync from Windows to the Android app, but it seems to me that they ought to sync to the same application under the same OS. Frankly, there seems to be no point in doing the color coding if I'm going to have to reproduce it manually on my laptop every time I make a change.

I gather that color codes on tags do sync, so it seems like it wouldn't be a problem for the same to happen with notebooks. The style dialogues for notebooks and tags are even identical, though of course that doesn't necessarily relate to how the underlying data look.

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