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best way to use ctrl Q

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I really like alt-shift n to switch between notebooks.  Just updated to latest version of evernote in order to use ctrl/q, which is advertised as making it easier to switch notebooks.  It looks like it is only for search, and it looks like the 'recent history' list is not updated by default.  That is, if I could search for one notebook, then search for another, I should be able to pop back and forth between them using ctrl q.  But, although ctrl/Q does search and take me to whatever I want, I do not see my latest search in the 'recent searches'.  How should I be using this feature?




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Regarding alt-shift n -- when I use it, it shows me a new title in my notebook.  when I double click that new title, it puts the cursor in the message area, not the title area.  What I would REALLY like is when I hit alt-shift n, to open up a new note with the cursor in the title area.

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