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  1. It doesn't seem to work for me. I have a saved search defined as tag:done. If I select a particular project, then execute that saved search, it returns hits on all projects, not just the one I am viewing. That is, if I do not specify a notebook, the default seems to be 'all', not 'current'. Is there something additional I should be doing? Thanks, Arpy
  2. Yes, thanks, I agree. Trouble is, I am using a saved search. My choices for a saved search seem to be to include a notebook tag, which narrows the search to a particular notebook, or no notebook tag, which searches all notebooks. I want a saved search that includes only the notebook I am in. Yes, I can work around the limitation by typing in my complete search, with tags, for a particular notebook. And actually, that is what I am doing. But I would like to avoid those extra keystrokes, and use a saved search instead of dynamically typing in the whole search syntax every time. And, if it helps, my Evernote client is (303244) Thanks, Arpy
  3. Thanks for moving my note to the right place. Sounds like I can interpret your action as meaning my wish is not currently possible?
  4. Hi I have dozens of project notebooks with lists of action items in each. I have created a 'done' tag, and two saved searches: open is -tag:done done is tag:done I would like to be able to apply such saved searches in my current notebook. That is, click on the notebook of interest, then on my general saved search. Currently, however, Evernote seems to require syntax like notebook:my_project tag:done. That is, I have to put ONE of my notebooks in the saved search. Now, it works only for that notebook. However, I would like it to work for my CURRENT notebook. I would like to use something like notebook:CURRENT tag:done. Tips welcome. Thanks, Arpy
  5. OK -- I do most of my work on Windows 10. But when I am out and about, I use my Iphone SE.
  6. Thanks. It is possible to complete dozens of actions in a day, so I wonder: is it possible to write some code or a macro that takes the content of the "notebook' column and tags the note with it, then moves the note to another notebook called 'done'; and is it possible to tie that code or macro to a keystroke? (my apologies for asking for the world -- but I would like to know if this is possible -- looks like I have been severely underutilizing Evernote, and before abandoning it, maybe I just need to make a greater learning investment in it) Thanks, Rob
  7. very nice! this changes my whole use model! my search for -tag:done works well. so, two questions: how do I save this search? Can I bind it to a key sequence like 'ctrl/c' so that I can execute it quickly? Thanks, Rob
  8. thanks. Just tried it. And if I click on my Tag column, I can force 'done' items to the end of the list, where they are 'out of the way'. My thought, however, is that I would like to keep my list of open tasks as short and uncluttered as possible. Once a task is done, it becomes 'clutter' and, if things go well, I don't want to see it again. But, sometimes, if things go wrong, I might want to retrieve something like "when exactly did I buy those tires that were supposed to last 80K miles?" That is, I might want to go back years, and if I keep 'done' items in the same notebook as my 'open' items, the clutter could become increasingly unpleasant as time goes by. Thanks, Rob
  9. Exactly! My problem is that if I have a few dozen projects, and put completed actions from all projects into a single Done notebook, it will be difficult to track or to retrieve by project. So I need to be able to add info to each action (the project it belongs to), then retrieve or sort by that added piece of info (the project it belongs to). The info is already there in my original notebook (the column titled 'Notebook'). So if somehow I could just preserve that info in my Done notebook where I could later either sort by it or search by it, life would be good Rob
  10. Maybe there is another way to do what I want. Basically, I want to be able to track progress on various projects. I am using a separate notebook for each project In each notebook are my project-specific action items. When an action is completed, I want to move it out of the project notebook so I no longer have to look at it. BUT, I would like to retain a history indicating THAT it was done and WHEN. I imagine putting all completed action items into a single notebook, with the ability to sort by project (in my case, sort by original notebook). Currently, I just delete completed actions. But I am losing too much history that way. Tips welcome thanks, Rob
  11. Hi I would like to move notes from one notebook to another AND retain information telling me the name of the notebook in which the note was first created. I can do the first. I can't do the second. I can see columns titled 'Created', 'Updated', and 'Notebook'. Basically, what I want is an additional column titled 'Original Notebook', or titled something shorter that means 'Original Notebook'. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, Rob
  12. So just to confirm -- If I have a desktop at work, and a laptop at home, a full copy of all notebooks are stored on both devices (work and home). Yes?
  13. Hi Just downloaded the latest update -- like the idea that now my notes are stored locally on my laptop. (Now I should be able to work remotely, not connected to a network). My question -- suppose I have several devices -- is content stored locally on all the devices? On the device that was in use when the note was created? On just one of the devices? Thanks, Arpy
  14. Regarding alt-shift n -- when I use it, it shows me a new title in my notebook. when I double click that new title, it puts the cursor in the message area, not the title area. What I would REALLY like is when I hit alt-shift n, to open up a new note with the cursor in the title area.
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