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Lately I have found a very frustrating problem when adding small grapic items to a note which already has numerous small graphic items.

I typically want to add a new line somewhere in the note and copy a few small graphics onto that line. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

Now, however, having added one grapic to the newly-created line I am transported to the top of the note, from where I have to scroll back down to the line on which I was working. In a note with many lines that is not something to be taken lightly.

Ok, I could do a workaround like putting a special bookmark there and searching for it rather than scrolling down.

Better, though, would be to simply remain on the line where I have been working as has previously been the case!

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I have had the same problem for 2+ years with Evernote. There are a number of actions (such as pasting certain types of content) which cause the editor to inexplicably scroll back to the very top of the page.

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Not that it will make any difference, because Evernote should have been aware of this problem for years and has still not fixed it, but I just opened a bug report for the Windows version and a bug report for the Android version for random scrolling to the top. There are numerous different actions that cause this random behavior.

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