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Table inside a table

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I'm using tables everywhere in my notes. There used to be an option to actually create tables inside a cell of a table (enml supports that, also). 
I don't know when but there was an update recently which changed the default color and style of tables inside Windows client to match what's available in mac client. (The update which introduced setting the table width dynamically in windows.) Anyway, with this update, the support for tables inside a cell of a table has dropped. I can not create them, or copy-paste tables into cells, nor I can use "Simplify Formatting" feature on notes which has such tables (This causes inner tables to be converted to plain text).

Was this change intentional? Or is this something I should expect to be fixed?


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I was puzzled by those two last questions too. I just can't believe you would take out such an important feature like that. Imagine that MS Word would stop supporting the columns feature from one version to the other. Unimaginable ...

Whatever it is, please fix this guys. And quick. My work - and probably that of many others - depends on it.


Happy Evernoting (if that is a thing :-p)

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On 5/27/2016 at 2:44 AM, onatbas said:

Was this change intentional?

Seems so; they appear to have it pretty well corralled. It's possible that they were having troubles with it and couldn't fix them easily, so they disabled it. Hard to tell without official word.

On 5/27/2016 at 2:44 AM, onatbas said:

Or is this something I should expect to be fixed?

Good question. I'd hope so; it's a useful feature (though I only use it rarely myself). An upgrade to the table facilities in general, including this, would be welcome.

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