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  1. Hi, I was puzzled by those two last questions too. I just can't believe you would take out such an important feature like that. Imagine that MS Word would stop supporting the columns feature from one version to the other. Unimaginable ... Whatever it is, please fix this guys. And quick. My work - and probably that of many others - depends on it. Happy Evernoting (if that is a thing :-p)
  2. There is a workaround. Create a template note with the different tables on a desktop. Leave a space in each column so you can select them. Then copy paste the table you need whenever you only have an android device on you. Make sure also to copy the space above and below the table you want to use. Here's a template example you can use: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s239/sh/7bb4945c-34dd-492d-a7b8-2ee4deed8314/90ddec1421a0abe01429dbcb4db78fc5 This workaround works for now, but obviously you shouldn't need one. Evernote, please fix this
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