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Create Note function

Frank Marino


Why is it that the green (+) to create a note doesn't appear when searching.


I.e.: if I search for a Notebook, click the notebook, there is no (+) to create a note inside of it.  I have to manually scroll through my list of 238 notebooks and enter it from the main screen in order for the green (+) to be there.


Seems you should be able to add a note from a search-to-notebook, not just when you scroll through the list on the main screen.

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Hi.  How exactly are you searching,  and what for?  Text?  Titles?  Notebooks? - I can't get to a screen that seems to need a '+' button;  My notebooks 'list' screen already has a '+' to add a note.  My search screen generates a list of notes that are in different notebooks,  but doesn't have a '+',  because Evernote at that stage has no way to know which notebook you want to add a note to.  I guess it shouldn't be hard to add a new note button to the search screen,  but I think you'll need lots of clicks here to convince Evernote it's worth their while to spend time doing this...

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