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New title formatting issue

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I use Evernote for my to-do list, a personal variant of Getting Things Done.

Several upgrades ago, note titles started being formatted a different way, such that when I copied, for example:

05/13 A2     :20|  :20 Get gas

out of a Note title into a "completed" list, it would come in like this:

05/13 A2 :20| :20 Get gas

(The first number is the anticipated time, the second is how long I actually spend, and since I add up the second column at the end of the day, alignment is somewhat important.)

To be honest, at this point I don't remember how, but somehow I gradually cleaned those out, and it's working as expected again. (I learned that if I added a single space, all the missing spaces magically reappeared, and then those would copy-and-paste correctly.)

Now, however, Note titles are larger font, and blue. While I can live with that, it now leaves me with two equally-unappealing options:

1. Copy (Ctl-V) them in as:

05/13 A2     :20|  :20 Get gas

or 2. copy (Shft-Ctl-V) them in as:

05/13 A2 :20| :20 Get gas

Again, I can go in, add a space after "A1" and ":05|" and the missing spaces magically reappear, but this is a huge slowdown. Is there any way I can just copy-and-paste my Note titles and have them come in the way I typed them? Alternately, is there a way to set the font size and color of the titles so I can just Ctl-V them in correctly?

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After you've pasted in all the entries, you can type Ctrl+Space (or right-click, then Simplify Formatting). This will remove the color. It will also change the font of everything in the note to the default, and may make other changes. Ctrl+Z will undo the changes if you don't like them. You can also select just the text that you want to reformat with Ctrl+Space.

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Ah, just like in Word. :)

Still an extra step, but much quicker (except the styled text takes a whole extra second to come in).

Your solution tipped me off that the spaces only collapse when pasting into an Evernote note, so staging them in a temporary Notepad file (which I do all the time; great way to strip styled text totally clean) might also be an efficient solution. But probably what you suggested is simplest - there aren't that many!

Thanks for a most helpful reply!

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