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How do I print the annotations summary for a pdf?

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I love that Evernote generates a summary for annotated pdfs, however, it does so by appending a single, huge initial page to the pdf. I am having difficulties printing this page out as it needs to be printed in split format almost as a poster. Is there a way to print this summary page in a more readable and straightforward way? 


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Is this really such an obscure issue? I mean, it seems to me that quite a lot of the annotation summary functionality is dampened by this behavior. Once outside Evernote (e.g. after saving the annotated PDF) the summary is pretty much useless, since no other apps I've tried seem to render the gigantic one-page snapshot correctly...

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On 5/13/2016 at 5:48 AM, Atak Kara said:

Evernote generates a summary for annotated pdfs

Hi.  I would like to know how to automatically generate summary of annotations.  Simply I highlighted some phrases from few pdf files residing in only one note.  Is there a setting that I missed?   How to do that?  Thanks in advance.

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It works within of a pdf, not for several ones:

Annotate using the "a-in-a-circle" button inside of Evernote:


Make sure this checkmark at the bottom of the annotate window is checked:


Screenshots from Mac Client, German version.

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