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At some point I imported bookmarks from some other system (google notebooks or delicious -- I don't remember) which causes my bad tag management practices there to infect my evernote.

Because of a bug at the time, I think since fixed, I deleted all those imported notes, but the empty tags remain.

I now have hundreds of 0 count tags. I can only seem to remove them one at a time. Is there any trick for managing tags more efficiently? I would like to delete all tags with 0 count. I'd also like to combine similar tags, like tags that have plural and non-plural version (car, cars).

thanks for any advice in advance. I'm wondering if all these tags are part of the reason evernote loads and synchs so SLOWLY for me since a few updates ago.


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I don't know about the Evernote Mac client, but on the Windows client, you can right click on the Tag list header and select 'Sort by Note Count'. Tags with 0 notes should appear at the top of the list. From there, you can multi-select the empty tags and delete them. Hopefully this is available in the Mac version.

One caveat on the above is that sorting by note count retains any tag hierarchy, so you may wind up with empty subtags that you can't see unless you expand their parent.


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