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  1. Penultimate is now completely unusable. Buggy, confusing, what is up with the automatic scrolling? Geez guys, how about a response for all your paying evernote subscribers. When will you get your ***** together. Not only is the design a joke, but the product has crashed ten times on me.
  2. The update has gotten stuck on my iPad. Skitch doesn't appear to be installed anymore, but I can't stop or continue the download.
  3. At some point I imported bookmarks from some other system (google notebooks or delicious -- I don't remember) which causes my bad tag management practices there to infect my evernote. Because of a bug at the time, I think since fixed, I deleted all those imported notes, but the empty tags remain. I now have hundreds of 0 count tags. I can only seem to remove them one at a time. Is there any trick for managing tags more efficiently? I would like to delete all tags with 0 count. I'd also like to combine similar tags, like tags that have plural and non-plural version (car, cars). thanks for any advice in advance. I'm wondering if all these tags are part of the reason evernote loads and synchs so SLOWLY for me since a few updates ago. don
  4. hey, I finally tried this after not getting it at first. I had to quit the epson v500 utility and then tell it to set up twain. Finally worked. Yay! Really cuts down on the time.
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