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Web Clipper - PDF File Name (bug)



When clipping a PDF, the file name, if the URL that lead to the PDF ended with a slash, the filename saved will have that slash in it.

For example, if the URL is example.com/pdfmaker/test/12345/

The PDF will have file name "12345/.pdf".

Any chance of this being fixed?

Evernote displays the PDF fine, but the icon file doesn't work and opening the file in an external application fails.

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I am facing a similar issue. I am using Safari and when I use the Evernote Webclipper and select to save as pdf, the pdf attachment is always saved with the file name as simply 'pdf'.

When you attempt to open this file (in the Mac app), it opens in text editor. In order to open the file as a pdf you have to download the file and change the file name to 'anything.pdf' (simply adding.pdf to the end- to make it into a pdf file) and then the pdf will open. But when using the web app for evernote the pdf file opens.

I have tried this on other peoples mac's and they also face the same problem.

Please fix this issue  ASAP, as saving pdf's the main reason I have the premium version.

example of PDF Image saved .png

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