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Tags not auto-populating in new version

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I apologize if this has been addressed here previously, but I couldn't find anything and leads me to believe it might be unique to me.  


When adding a tag to a note, I am no longer getting auto-fill results of already existing tags.  So if I had a tag titled "personal" previously as soon as I started typing, it would auto-populate.  Now I have to type the whole thing out.  I'm using this for business and we have about 100 notes a day that need multiple tags so this is obviously a huge burden.  Thanks for any help.  


Running Evernote 6.0 on Windows 10

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I actually did this then went as far as uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote to no avail.  I'm glad it doesn't seem to be a missing feature, but more a bug I'm dealing with but it's still an issue nevertheless. 

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