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Getting the following annoying message even though we are logged in

To view this page, you must log in to this area on secure.my name.com:443:

Then a name and password box where we enter our evernote user name and password again and again with no results.

The work around is we have to hit cancel over and over while syncing to get at our notes

We have multiple macs adding content on the same network


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That message isn't coming from Evernote. Do you have any sort of Firewall or Proxy Server on your network?

If you access your account from the web on Safari on that same machine, does that work without any pop-ups or errors or warnings?

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It is coming from evernote and no no proxies or firewalls... How I know it is evernote when I shut evernote down it goes away and again only happens on sync

What he means is that this message is not generated from the EN servers. It's coming from another source (when you're trying to access Evernote) such as a firewall.

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