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Evernote causes monitors to go black when opening

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What is going on? When I open Evernote (Win10) both of my monitors go black and remain so for approximately ten seconds before "waking back up" with Evernote running.

Something has been introduced in the recent update and this behavior isn't good.

Thanks for the input.

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Hi.  There don't seem to be any similar reports around - have you tried uninstalling / reinstalling in case the update didn't install correctly?  If you have and this seems related to a recent new version I'd suggest raising the issue in the appropriate thread...



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It was actually an issue approximately five months ago and there were reports at the time about it. Subsequent builds apparently remedied as I didn't experience (again) until recently.

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Follow-up on this- I uninstalled and reinstalled the release version (5.99) and the same behavior occurs. Whenever I open Evernote both of my screens go black as if the "Turn Displays Off" (i.e., go to sleep) command has been given. If I wait several seconds I can restore the screens by moving the mouse (as would be the case with the monitors going into sleep mode).

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