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Evernote at the one dollar store

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Here in Brazil, a year's worth of Evernote premium comes to R$6,67 per month (Brazilian Reals)

  • That's $1,85 (US) a month
  • We pay quadruple that for a Netflix subscription

It seems Evernote Premium has gotten a whole lot cheaper for me... and ridiculously so. Who comes up with these figures? I mean, sure, the Real has devaluated 100% over the last year or so... but still, that would have been $3,70 (US) / R$13,34 per month. Still peanuts.

Yes... I'm complaining because this is way too cheap. And the Plus tier is half that price. 


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2 hours ago, csihilling said:

Not enough of a savings for me to move to Brazil though.....

You could move here while we're still in recession... which is most likely going to take another 5 years to come out from under. 

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