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(Archived) Beating 3Beta Todo Categories Into Submission

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Ever since the beta came out, I was irked by the fact that I couldn't figure out which notes were "really really" done. Gone were the days being able to choose some combination of done/not done/in progress for todo state. Instead, we had seemingly two choices: checkbox empty or checkbox full. But I wanted to have a saved search that just showed me full checkboxes, without any notes that might also have unfull checkboxes.

So, I put my math hat on, and figured it out. It's amazing what you can do with some boolean operators. For the geeky among us, I present the Venn diagram:


For the rest of us, there are essentially six different queries you can make on your notes:

  • [*:d056f]All notes that have a checkbox, whether it be empty or full. Query = todo:*
    [*:d056f] All notes that you haven't started yet, i.e., notes with empty checkboxes, but no notes with a full checkbox. Query = todo:false -todo:true
    [*:d056f] All Notes that you haven't completely finished yet (think old "not done"). This includes any notes you might already have checked boxes in. Query = todo:false
    [*:d056f] All notes that are "in progress", i.e., have both checked and unchecked boxes. Query = todo:false todo:true
    [*:d056f] All notes that are fully or partially done, i.e., have checked boxes. There might be some notes that still have unchecked boxes. Query = todo:true
    [*:d056f] All notes that are well and truly completely done, i.e., only checked boxes and no unchecked boxes. Query = todo:true -todo:false

One of the keys to remember when reading these queries is that todo:true does *not* mean that you have to finish that item! Instead, it means that the todo checkbox has a check in it. Counter-intuitive. I would have named the boxes "checkbox" or "done" (like in the EN2.2) instead of "todo". But that's just my two cents.

Hope this helps someone out there :)

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