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(Archived) Data Loss

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The Evernote app on the Palm Pre has overwritten some of my notes with older versions of the note on a couple different occasions. I get the feeling there is a note "stuck" in a certain state on the phone, pending an upload, that somehow overwrites the old version. I did not get conflict warnings when this happened

E.g. I've had a note called "Todo" which I update almost everyday. I stopped using the app on the Pre for a couple weeks (due to the cards coming up blank issue) until today, when I used it to view another note "Shopping List" (which was a ***** shoot -- they oftentimes come up blank, though this time it worked). When I came back to my desktop Evernote app (latest OSX version) later the "Todo" note now contained old content from weeks ago, very likely from the last time I've used the app on the phone

I suspect the blank card bug is related to this one -- the "Todo" note is certainly one that has come up blank on the phone many times before.

I hope Evernote is fleshing out these issues on the Palm Pre app ASAP. I've now lost some of the data on my "Todo" note -- data loss sucks, it's unacceptable. I'm losing faith with this as the solution for my notes

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I'll second this. I definitely have had notes get stuck in updating; in fact, I have a couple stuck right now in my "Pending Uploads" queue. And, I'm losing data as well. I have a note where I was recording some important medical information (symptoms of an issue I'm having), and it was overwritten with an older version, apparently, and I thus lost two weeks of very important data.

Obviously, this is an important issue that I hope EN has identified and is working to fix. EN for webOS hasn't been updated in awhile. But suffice it to say that I can't use EN for anything important until the issue is resolved.

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If you're having a particular problem on your own device, and need a response from Evernote, please open a support inquiry at the bottom of:


If you can access the content of the pending notes, you could try to copy and paste the content somewhere else (e.g. email) so that you didn't lose it if you had to reinstall.

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I can do this, but note that an uninstall and reinstall doesn't stop the issue from from recurring. Are you implying that this is an issue that's only been experienced by the two users on this thread? If so, then that would at least be an answer to the questions posed here.

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I've had this data loss issue occur three times now. The first two times I wasn't sure what happened. But on this latest occurrence I've pinpointed the WebOS app as the culprit.

1) I remember the usage pattern for the note and know for certain the WebOS app is what I used to modify the note with. I modified the note yesterday.

2) After modifying the note, I attempted to open it again on the WebOS app and it came up "blank".

3) Today, I looked at the note on my Mac client and the changes I made yesterday are gone.

Data loss is a very serious problem and now that I understand what's happening, I have to stop using the WebOS app. Unfortunately, Evernote is my main mobile notes solution and I don't look forward to finding something else. I've been an Evernote user on the Pre since the app first came out and it's what brought me to Evernote in the first place. Hopefully they will fix this very serious issue soon.

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