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On March 17, 2016 at 9:50 AM, vivsharfman@mac.com said:

I cannot fathom out how to open a notebook to view relevant notes  on a mac desktopIt works fine on the ipad and iphone,but notebooks on desktop do not open to view contents open

Below are examples from my Mac
On the sidebar, I click on Notebooks
Then I doubleclick on a notebook to show the notes

56ecb571580cf_ScreenShot2016-03-18at7.11  56ecb578e638d_ScreenShot2016-03-18at7.11

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5 hours ago, vivsharfman@mac.com said:

Sorry it's the other way round
easy to open notebook and view contents on desktopBUT how do I do this on an iPad and iPhone to open relevant notebooks

Below is a screenshot of my homescreen on the iPad
- If you don't see the homescreen, click on the Elephant
- Yours might look a little different because it can be customized using the gear icon
Clicking on Notebooks shows a screen with my notebooks
Clicking on a specific notebook shows the notes



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