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Link pop-up comes up too fast (Evernote Web)

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Is there a way to either disable or delay the display of the pop-up balloon that appears when mouse hovers over a hyperlink on Evernote Web?  


The hyperlink edit balloon pops up immediately when the mouse pointer brushes the link, and I keep hitting it or obstructs the information I want to see, and I keep opening new page when I click the window into focus (because the pop-up occurs even if the window isn't in focus, and I expected the click area to be empty).  The baloon's link is superfluous since I can click the hyperlink on the note to follow as well, so it should be plain text of original URL instead of a link.  If there is a way to delay the balloon to show or disable it altogether, it'll be helpful.

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Hi.  Can't say I've noticed the pop-up before.  Seems to behave like any other web page - hover over the link and the link shows,  move away it it goes.  No difference whether I hover once or several times.  Move the cursor and it goes away.  Sadly,  no option to remove or disable it AFAIK.

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yes, the link window is really annoying. I use links a lot and these windows are permanently in my way. Even worse is the feature that they don't disappear immediately when you move to another part of the note (e.g. to normal text).

other things that could be improved:

  • when you click the insert-link icon in the toolbar of the editor:
    • automatically set the focus to the link-input field when I click the link icon in the editor
    • the dialogue is almost not visible. it should use darker colors
  • moreover it would be great to have a keyboard shortcut to turn the selected text into a link (e.g. CTRL+K, like in GMail)



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