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Leverage Safari "Reader" mode for Evernote web clipper on iOS



As a user of Evernote web clipper in Safari on iOS, when a web page is displayed in "reader" mode and I tap the "share on Evernote" button, I expect Evernote to save only the page contents free of clutter, with the "reader" formatting.

however, currently, Evernote records the whole page layout, including the headers, footers, and the web site menus. I don't need all of that.

Workaround: i can achieve the expected results by copy-and-pasting the page contents, by saving the images locally and by inserting the images in the note one by one.

It would be a great improvement of the experience for me if the "reader" content were copied as-is. Moreover I wouldn't loose the source URL this way.

Benefit for the Evernote servers would be less useless, space-consuming web page layout contents in the notes saved this way.



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I agree. I often want to save a web page for the text but I don't want all the other junk. I typically use a Workflow that only gets the text of the article, but it would be nice not to have to use this workaround.

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