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(Archived) reopening notes after restart of en-app



hi all,

in EN, i have 3 notes open, and the acitivity window (APPLE+O).

if i close EN and restart it, only the the main, and the activity window opens again,

not - what i'd like to have - the 3 opened notes from the last session.

is this possible? how?


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If you Hide Evernote, then these windows will stay open. If you Quit Evernote and start it again, then the individual notes will not be open.


is this a considerable feature request?

imagine that someone (me) needs to work with several notes at once and needs them to be open.

now, someone (again, me) needs to shut down his laptop/computer for whatsoever reason (end of workin day, etc)

next time this someone has to search all the notes again and need to open them again.

not that convienient, although i consider this not a big deal, it would be a nice to have (optional, of course)


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