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Make sharing a joy again



I’m a long time premium user of Evernote for Mac, iPad, iPhone and I’m mostly happy with it. It’s a great time saver. 
But SHARING is a cumbersome process. Sorry.
(It may be not a problem to share one or two notebooks. But even this is confusing for first time users I’m sending notifications to.)
I have a lot of notebooks to share with different people. There the hassle begins.
1) No sharing of stacks? Are you kidding me? I have to share 10 notebooks often. I can tell you this is not a joy.
2) In EN for Mac v. 6.4 there is no sign in the notebook list to see which notebooks I’m sharing.
3) When I share 10 notebooks with a teammate on one day she/he gets 10 notifications. I understand why he/she is angry. Why can’t I combine all this to ONE notification?
4) Well, I understand why my teammate has to „accept“ the sharing of a given notebook. But there should be an option to eliminate this hurdle. Why? Because it would be a big time saver. AND it would remove a source of error. (It happens all the time that a teammate is like: „This notebook? I don’t have it in my Evernote. You didn’t share it.“ (Which I did.)  You know, people are lazy by nature. They skip these notifications often.)
5) PLEASE give us back a list of all shared notes/notebooks like in the early days of Evernote. It would be so much easier to check and change the sharing options.
6) To make everything more confusing you introduced Chat. I understand, why you love this. BTW I don’t. Before Chat in EN I didn’t miss it. We have a lot of ways to communicate with teammates nowadays. We didn’t need Chat in Evernote to survive. It is just one more hurdle. For example: When I just want to send (not share) a given note by email and I klick on „Sharing“ I end up in Chat. Then a journey starts through the menus to find the one for emailing.
Next example: When I share a notebook it’s not intuitively clear what will happen: ‚Will she/he get an email or a chat message? Or both? Should I better phone him/her to point her/him to this notification?‘ I suggest: Let’s keep it simple-Just send an email only with a big button „Accept invitation to this notebook“. Done.
Did I mention that we cant’t delete the chat notifications in Evernote? So we are never shure: ‚Did I accept this one already or not?'
Again, sharing in the early days of Evernote was a joy to use. It’s not anymore. I hope it will change.
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I've started spending more time studying OneNote, wondering how painful it would be to convert. Sharing on OneNote seems much more like the Evernote of old. +1 for OneNote. In the past few months I've been making an effort to point out bugs (hello webclipper) and missing features (sharing, formatting etc). Recently I've stopped recommending Evernote to friends.

Soon there will come a point where not seeing progress on many of these issues I will migrate to OneNote and shutdown my premium account. Sad, but since Evernote seems to have lost the thread I'm losing my interest in the platform.



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