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  1. I think Evernote made a big mistake by changing the shortcuts for font size. Maybe MS Word is the most used Word Processor, even on a Mac. But mac users do A LOT of work outside of Word. And most Mac apps use CMD-and CMD+ ! (see the list above and add Mail.) Evernote, please change it back!
  2. You are soooo right. Hey Evernote, CMD-and CMD+ are the standard in most apps on Mac!
  3. I’m a long time premium user of Evernote for Mac, iPad, iPhone and I’m mostly happy with it. It’s a great time saver. But SHARING is a cumbersome process. Sorry. (It may be not a problem to share one or two notebooks. But even this is confusing for first time users I’m sending notifications to.) I have a lot of notebooks to share with different people. There the hassle begins. 1) No sharing of stacks? Are you kidding me? I have to share 10 notebooks often. I can tell you this is not a joy. 2) In EN for Mac v. 6.4 there is no sign in the notebook list to see which notebooks I’m sharing. 3) When I share 10 notebooks with a teammate on one day she/he gets 10 notifications. I understand why he/she is angry. Why can’t I combine all this to ONE notification? 4) Well, I understand why my teammate has to „accept“ the sharing of a given notebook. But there should be an option to eliminate this hurdle. Why? Because it would be a big time saver. AND it would remove a source of error. (It happens all the time that a teammate is like: „This notebook? I don’t have it in my Evernote. You didn’t share it.“ (Which I did.) You know, people are lazy by nature. They skip these notifications often.) 5) PLEASE give us back a list of all shared notes/notebooks like in the early days of Evernote. It would be so much easier to check and change the sharing options. 6) To make everything more confusing you introduced Chat. I understand, why you love this. BTW I don’t. Before Chat in EN I didn’t miss it. We have a lot of ways to communicate with teammates nowadays. We didn’t need Chat in Evernote to survive. It is just one more hurdle. For example: When I just want to send (not share) a given note by email and I klick on „Sharing“ I end up in Chat. Then a journey starts through the menus to find the one for emailing. Next example: When I share a notebook it’s not intuitively clear what will happen: ‚Will she/he get an email or a chat message? Or both? Should I better phone him/her to point her/him to this notification?‘ I suggest: Let’s keep it simple-Just send an email only with a big button „Accept invitation to this notebook“. Done. Did I mention that we cant’t delete the chat notifications in Evernote? So we are never shure: ‚Did I accept this one already or not?' Again, sharing in the early days of Evernote was a joy to use. It’s not anymore. I hope it will change.
  4. Yes please, give us these shortcuts for sorting. I use sorting very often.
  5. Yes please, give us these shortcuts for sorting. I need this a lot.
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