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Wasted Space in EN Windows

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The top of the Windows Evernote desktop window has a lot of wasted, or empty, space which limits how much of a note can be seen. Similarly, when notes are opened in their own windows , a nice feature of EN, a lot of empty space is at the top of the note. Again, this limits how much of the note can be seen. Also, it makes it harder to rearrange windows if there are several open note windows.

Is there any possibility that a better use of space could be made in future versions of EN for those of us who would appreciate the convenience of a more compact design which utilizes screen landscape more effectively?



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Hi.  Can you give us a screenshot of the wasted space you're referring to?  I use Windows and I reckon the amount of space used by the headers and toolbars is 10-12%.  It looks pretty reasonable on an HD screen,  but maybe your display has a different resolution.  Standard suggestions to improve visible real-estate:  switch off toolbars (and panels/ windows) that you don't need,  and maybe use Presentation mode (premium only though) to clean up the view.

If you're raising issues like this it's also good to create your topic in one of the feedback forums where 'upvoting' exists.

Windows   https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/224-windows-desktop-product-feedback/

Mac   https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/218-mac-product-feedback/

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I have two monitors, one dedicated to EN.  Out of interest I  just measured and the height of the visible part of the screen is 11.6".  In list view on the side configuration with the shortcuts bar the note content begins 1.3" down, so 11% in header stuff. 


I could see putting the toolbar and the search bar on the same line as the menu bar (might not work for smaller monitors), and compressing the vertical spacing a bit, but other than that not sure of what else.  Your thoughts?

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