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(Archived) How to Edit Photos in Evernote

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Good day and thanks for reading my post.

I use Evernote on my iPhone to capture and tag labels of wines that my wife & I enjoy. Once these images are captured (using iPhone) is there a way to edit the photos?



not, until they're uploaded to the server. but then, you can edit them very easy.

or, take a look here here or here.

i'm sure, i saw a video which showed it, but i cannot find it atm.


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I use Photogene on my iPhone (it's in the app store) to edit photos before emailing them to EN.

EN does not have photo editing functions, so you have to use a third party editor. When editing from the EN Windows client, if you double click the image from within EN, it will invoke your image editor & allow you to edit the image & save it back into EN.

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Thanks evermullah. the solution was simple - open the photos with Preview, crop the image, save it. It updates in Evernote and syncs.

you're welcome :)

the only drawback could be, that you need to upload the file a second time, so it will be counted a second time to your monthly transferlimit.

but this is only important, if you play with really big files/images, imho. which, is not the case, when taking a snapshot from the iphone. (about 1.5MB?)

i used to test an eye-fi card, which enables you to send images, taken from your digicam anywhere in the field, via wifi directly in your evernote account.

those files were about 8MB in size, where it is more important to watch what you're doing with inside evernote :-) (i.e. as a free user with only 40MB per month)


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