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Reminder Alarms



Most times, I miss my Evernote reminder. I don't hear it ding and miss the notification in a list of all the many other notifications on my phone. I would like an option where you can set an alarm that will have to be dismissed or snoozed. It would be nice to be able to select my own alert sound. Also, a location based alarm would be nice as well.

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I like that Evernote added reminders (both structure and service) but I appreciate that it will never be as fully featured as a dedicated app.  There are other features missing too, like recurring reminders.

My process is when I add a note, I sometimes add an entry to my calendar and reminder apps.  On the Mac I have applescript to assist in automating this. I actually tried an automated service but wasn't satisfied with the results. I'm satisfied with my process, but there is no sync between the entries - if I change a date or time I have to change it in each place.

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