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(Archived) comparing 2 notes

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Is there any integrated note comparision going on?

For example, when I have 2 notes in conflict, or when I've got the same note content in 2 or more notes (lets say something gets emailed to me and I make it a note and then an updated version is emailed to me) it would be nice to be able to select 2 notes and then select "compare" and have them be compared side-by-side so I can see the differences and move the different parts back and forth between the 2 to reconcile the differences.

there are plenty of software packages that do that, but I'd prefer to have something integrated into EN instead of having to copy and paste or export notes to do this.

Any suggestions?

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Currently, there's no integrated way to perform a comparison of the contents of the two notes in an automated way. (I.e. you can open them side-by-side and do it visually, but we don't have any "difference" comparison UI)

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