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ENFmessage.eml rejected, what to do?

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I belong to a list serve and many of those on it use outlook.  I use thunderbird and generally forward important emails to evernote to get them off my mail server.  When I try to do this with emails from teh list, I get the following error.  My mail server tech support says evernote is rejecting this.  While I can move these one by one onto the desktop, or save them one by one as txt files, that really takes way too long and doesn't work.  Is there a way to forward these to evernote without a hassle?  I haven't tried sending as a zip file, I want to read them, not just store them.

This message has been rejected because it has
    a potentially executable attachment "ENFMessage.eml"
    This form of attachment has been used by
    recent viruses or other malware.
    If you meant to send this file then please
    package it up as a zip file and resend it.  
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Hi.  If you have a way to convert these message to PDF - maybe by saving them to desktop and then printing them to PDF,  or printing/ exporting directly from your mail server,  then you could use the Windows Import Folder feature to automatically add them to your database without the need for email.  PDF files would also email safely if you still need to do that.  In terms of bulk operations,  you may also like to look at Phrase Express which can automate some simple operations into a single hotkey,  and Belvedere,  which can automatically move files around from one folder to another.

You may also find that IFTTT could move emails between your list server and Evernote direct subject to your preferences.

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Thanks, I'll check some of that out.  The joy of forward to evernote is that I don't have to print to pdf and store them on Dropbox, but can just put them away for later reference.  If I have to print, I may as well put them to a shared folder in dropbox and ignore evernote.


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