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(Archived) Display Notebooks on Moto Droid


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This question has been asked on previous post, but I have not seen any answers. I own a construction company and I currently use outlook task to keep track of jobs, time, materials, etc. I have each job categorized as working, to be invoiced, invoiced, etc. I would like to find an application that allows me to input my data on my pc locally and have that information download to my phone so I will have it anywhere I go. I thought evernote was my answer until I tried to look at the jobs on my phone. Without an easy way to sort through the notes easily it is useless to me. I would just like to know if evernote considers this an issue and if so when will the app be rewritten to include some kind of way to sort the notebooks on the phone.

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Currently, the Android application is more tuned for the small screen available on the device, but we plan to add more search and filtering capabilities in the future.


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Dave, I concur with Engberg, I have five notebooks and I need to see notes first grouped by notebook, then a way to filter the list further by tag or keyword. The app is otherwise difficult to use.

I would also like to see some security added to Evernote, such as the ability to flag notes as private, requiring a password to open them.

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