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(Archived) collaboration and multiple accounts

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As architects we work in teams on multiple projects at any given time. I am thinking about setting up an EN premium account for each project and each member of a project team would have access to the notebooks in the account for their project(s). This seems like an amazing way to share information across offices and at any location in the field and provides an ordered structure (don't get me started on sub notebooks) to lots of data, correspondence and drawings. I recognize that EN is not really built for this and their will be some issues logging in and out of accounts to move from project to project but I think this has promise.

1. Anyone doing something similar to this?

2. I can do this on windows or mac but will multiple accounts work on an iphone?

3. Will EN consider building in more flexible account selection from within the program? I think there is a opportunity here for a much simpler document/info management system for businesses that work in teams.



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You can do a bit of this on Windows, but not really on the Mac. (If you change your login information on the Mac, it will delete ALL of your local information and download the other account to replace it.) The only way to avoid this is to use separate Mac OS logins, which isn't very convenient.

In the future, we plan to make this better by adding access to shared notebooks from within the clients, and to add basic group purchasing and account management in the service, but the system is more designed for individuals today.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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