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(Archived) Updating problem



I'm using mac os 10.6.2 and I have installed the new Endnote version but by mistake I have also flushed one folder and one file with the following name:

Evernote (folder with 4 subfolders: data, external edits, pending emails, promos)


Evernote is obviously not able to find the data, I was able to retrieve the two files from the garbage put I don't know where to put them so Evernote find the data. Can someone tell me where these files should be located, I can't find any info about that


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Well that folder you deleted contained the folder named "data", which contained, well, your data.

If your data is synced with the Evernote servers, you should be able to install a new version of Evernote, then sync the data back from the servers.

If you had local notebooks, you might want to try some sort of data recovery program (I don't know much about that though).

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If you have a backup of your old data from your home directory in:

Library / Application Support / Evernote

You can disable synchronization, quit Evernote, restore that folder, and then you can open Evernote and Export the missing notes.

Then you can sync and Import them again.

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Thanks to you both for your help.

I had to use a mixe of your suggestion. Even with the Evernote data folder in the application support folder Evernote wouldn't recognize the data and stay stuck on retrieving data. I've finally downloaded a new copy and reinstalled the application and this time Evernote was able to retrieve my old data.

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