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(Archived) delete notes afer <n> days...

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hi all,

i think, this will not be in the next versions, but i really like to ask you all,

what do you think of the feature request, i have:

adding an additional option to the trashfolder where the user can choose, when the trash will be deleted.

something like:

Properties of spechial folder: Trash:

delete notes in days.

where is abvious a number, the user can choose.

this would allow me (the humble user) to never worrie about deleting the trash by hand and loose all notes at all,

but will delete all the notes in the trash, i.e. after 60 days.

i know, the trash shouldnt be missused as an archive but its the a good way to pre-delete all the notes, which i know, i never need in days anymore.

or is there another way to (simply) archive this right now?

what do you think? :-)

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