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(Archived) After version 1.7.0 update, search not working properly



I used search on the prior version and it was working fine. Today, after the update, it isn't working properly. The problem comes while searching within a note. If I use Command-F and type the word in the search box, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. And I know I'm typing a word in the document (and properly spelling it), because I can see one instance of the word in the document.

Also, when searching all notebooks for a word, it shows the files that contain that word, but nothing is highlighted within the note.

I'm not sure if there is a specific area to post bugs. If so, please direct me.


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Can you provide an example of a word that you're searching for? (We made some changes to support Japanese in this release, and I'm curious what word you're using.)

Do you see any patterns in the notes that you can't match? For example, is it web clips, PDF notes, etc.?


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It's web clips and copy and paste. And I've tried a lot of different words - clue, treasure, hidden so no real pattern.

I also just noticed that when I search a single notebook, my recipes, I searched for the word corn. Some of the recipes with the word corn were greyed out with the word corn in white while other ones that also have the word corn were not highlighted. However, if I actually double click on the note, then sometimes it's greyed out and the word is highlighted. But another note with the word in it isn't greyed out either open or in the notebook view. The recipes are copy and paste.

So I'd say it's broken in a lot of ways :)

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Ok, I think we narrowed down the problem. The search is only showing the matches that appear in the first part of the note (the part that fits in the window before you start scrolling).

This problem will be fixed in the next beta update.


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Similar problem

all my notes are text only, when I search now, it brings up the notes that have the word, but does not highlight the word within the note. Is pretty critical that it does so. You mentioned a fix in the next beta update, any word on when that might be. OR... can I go back to the last version?



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It's fixed in the latest beta release. If you want to try the betas:

Preferences > Software Update > Update to beta versions when available

and then Check for Updates

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