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  1. I did upgrade to latest beta, unfortunately no change. The note I was hanging out in most often with the problem is quite large, so I cut some of it out to a new note, but so far no difference there either. Thanks for the idea on the beta, any others? Dave
  2. Hi There, Have been noticing problems in Evernote for at least the past week, but now is pretty unusable,and it is my life... beach ball, freezing (application not responding), have to force quit etc. Syncing has always been sent to 5 min, changed to 15, no diff... Evernote 5.2.1 when it does work, typing is very slow, like it cannot keep up... Any help appreciated! Dave
  3. Same problem, unfortunately, just discovered it yesterday when my MBP hard disk bit the dust, and figured "well, at least I have all my notes. NOT.. missing at least a week. What a bummer. (and a problem for my business...)
  4. Search Highlight missing in 79826 RC and previous Betas I checked for a setting under preferences, but no dice. Anyone experiencing this or have a comment? It is the single most important feature I count on with EverNote....
  5. Many thanks for the mobile link, that will do for now, but cannot go back to 1.72 as too many notes since 1.8.... I guess could copy and paste, but figuring out modified notes would be a pain. Please fix quick! Thanks, Dave Mac v 1.8.1 Android v 1.3 70553
  6. Similar problem all my notes are text only, when I search now, it brings up the notes that have the word, but does not highlight the word within the note. Is pretty critical that it does so. You mentioned a fix in the next beta update, any word on when that might be. OR... can I go back to the last version? Thanks, Dave
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