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Maximum books - Increasing?

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Hello everyone.  I'm hoping someone can help me.


I provide I.T. support at a school and one of our learning specialists uses Evernote to keep notes about our students.  She uses one book for each student.  The problem is that she has now hit the maximum amount of books but still has around two hundred students to add.  Is there anything she can do to achieve this?


Thank you in advance!


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The notebook maximum is 250. Many new Evernote users start out creating too many notebooks and then realize there are more efficient ways to address the issue. In your situation, I would put all the student notes into a single notebook and then tag each note using the student's name. Since you are in IT, you should ensure the teacher is following your school's privacy policy. Evernote data is stored in the cloud.

Here is an informative link to link usage in Evernote



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4 hours ago, SJBradley said:

She uses one book for each student.

Is there a reason it has to be a notebook and not a tag?
The only reason I can think of, is to share the notebook with the student.
If that's the case, I don't see a solution bothering than archiving old student data.

What if she has notes that apply to a group of students.  Will they be duplicated in each student's notebook?

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