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Automatic Tagging

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Good Morning, Evernote Ninjas!!

I have noticed that there is some sort of Intelligent/Automatic tagging feature ("system") in  Evernote. For example, the "system" automatically assigns several tags and even a non-default notebook location for emails coming in from Gmail. And in nearly 100% of those instances, the tags and notebooks are accurate. So, good on ya, Evernote. You crushed it.

But (there's always a but...), the email that comes into Evernote from my work/office Outlook account is very often inappropriately tagged / assigned to non-default notebooks. For example, though the emails from my boss OFTEN wind up getting tagged a certain way, the "system" should not automatically assign that tag on my behalf. Part of my workflow includes reviewing untagged notes for unresolved action items.

I'm not seeing anything obvious in the Evernote settings (anywhere) that explains how these assignments are being made. 

I would like to turn off the automatic tagging for my work emails, but leave alone the automatic tagging from my personal/Gmail.

Any help?



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I use a Mac and Ipad, and I wasn't aware of any auto tagging/notebook feature.  It would be a nice feature to have and would save time.

I do have an default notebook; new notes have to be placed somewhere.

You mentioned emails coming from Gmail.  How do you trigger this?  Are you assigning notebooks and tags at that point?

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