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  1. Yes, please advise on the "Self Help" options. Thanks! Jeff
  2. Thanks for the replies, and I apologize the late response. (How can I be notifed of replies? Email? SMS?) I use PC for my evernote installation, and though the failure is not TOTAL with every ENEX, it does leave a HUGE portion of the total notes in an "imported notes" folder. Some are ABSOLUTE fails, some are just MAJORITY fails. Thanks! Jeff
  3. I am trying to import an ENEX file, and it fails with an error Could not import notes, error: CANT_SET_NOTE_TAG Please report this problem to Evernote support. There is a button called "Report", which when pressed goes to a non-specific "search for the solution" page. Unfortunately, I was unable to find my own solution. Any notion of how to "report this problem to Evernote support" or how to fix it?
  4. Good Morning, Evernote Ninjas!! I have noticed that there is some sort of Intelligent/Automatic tagging feature ("system") in Evernote. For example, the "system" automatically assigns several tags and even a non-default notebook location for emails coming in from Gmail. And in nearly 100% of those instances, the tags and notebooks are accurate. So, good on ya, Evernote. You crushed it. But (there's always a but...), the email that comes into Evernote from my work/office Outlook account is very often inappropriately tagged / assigned to non-default notebooks. For example, though the emails from my boss OFTEN wind up getting tagged a certain way, the "system" should not automatically assign that tag on my behalf. Part of my workflow includes reviewing untagged notes for unresolved action items. I'm not seeing anything obvious in the Evernote settings (anywhere) that explains how these assignments are being made. I would like to turn off the automatic tagging for my work emails, but leave alone the automatic tagging from my personal/Gmail. Any help? Thanks! Jeff
  5. Good Afternoon! I use the Windows client ( (270217)) and noticed that the sync column always has a few notes that seem to not sync. That is, the little "dot" - that usually reflects "unsynced note" - never goes away after a sync. Should I be concerned that those notes (presently 8286 notes out of 36294 have this attribute) are not getting synced? Thanks! Jeff
  6. Thanks, Jefito! I am surprised that the "saved searches" from versions 3-4.x are not automatically converted to "shortcuts". The "saved searches" always synced properly among my various clients. Now my concern is that I will need to manually enter all of my now-shortcuts across my various clients to assure that the sync is happening correctly. Any tips on how to export my saved searches from a version 4.x client so I can import them to the 5.0 client? Thanks! Jeff
  7. Update: My computer stopped running and I rebooted. The services came back as they should, though Outlook flagged the Evernote clipper as "Problematic" and asked me to disable it until I could find an up-to-date version. I have found Outlook to be very conservative in its approach to plugins, so I ignored the error and everything has worked fine since. Jeff
  8. Good Afternoon, Everyone! I like the look of the new client on the Windows side. Thanks for your diligence, Evernote. I live and die by my saved searches, however. I am quite sad that I will potentially have to re-create them, one-at-a-time. Why did you make my set of saved searches go away? Do they no longer sync across installations? Very concerned about this one, guys. Jeff
  9. Good Morning, All! I have reviewed the material posted at: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/14160-cant-send-from-outlook-evernote-services-not-running/, and have tried the proposed remedies to no avail. I am having a similar issue; Outlook Clipper button does not clip the email message and I get the "Evernote Services are not running" error. Windows 7, EN (261645) Any help? Thanks! Jeff
  10. I'm a long time user of Evernote. Periodically, I find strange reasons to want to manipulate the "under the hood" data of a Note. For this example, when I assign a reminder to a note on my iOS device, I may want to change the reminder date while I am at my windows work computer. I have been exporting the notes, manually updating the XML reminder-time attributes, and then importing them. This seems like a drag to me. Is there a viewer program / note view / incantation that will let me see and manipulate all of the "set" attributes for a note? Jeff
  11. I have tested this manual procedure a few times, and it seems to work. The notes (after importation) are not editable at the least... 1. Export the note(s) to a place where you can easily find them (computer desktop). 2. Open the notes in a text editor 3. Search for the section (near the end) that includes <note-attributes> 4. Copy a <content-class>xxxxx.xxxxx</content-class> somewhere before </note-attributes>. The API suggests that you use something company specific. I use my name. 5. Re-import the note to Evernote Is there an easier way?
  12. I am using the Android App (v 3.5.3). Tonight, I am finding that when I try to search, for anything - even for titles in snippet view that I can see, I get zero results. help?
  13. Good evening, All! I am using the Android app (v 3.5.3), and today received a notification that my sync failed because it "attempt to write a readonly database." Each press of the "Sync Now" button leads to no sync. Help?
  14. Hey! Yesterday, I received a nice bounce email saying that the "Emailed note was not submitted." This, in itself, is useful information to have. However, the suggested solution from the email "Please try sending the note again later." is impossible, since there is nothing in the body of the email to tell me which email to resend. Would it be possible to put some information (time of failed request, subject line, email headers, etc.) in the bounce email that would help differentiate which note failed to get into the system? cheers!
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