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  1. Over the weekend, I was trying to export a notebook of notes into a format that could be read/imported by another application. I was hoping to be able to export as html, because that seemed plausible for my purpose. Alas, html export is no longer available in the newest rev of the Windows or Mac desktop software. I have some questions. 1. Is there a way to export in a format that is not ENEX (I tried to figure it out, but couldn't see any way)? I'll even settle for a way to easily convert the ENEX file into html files. 2. Is this ENEX-only export just temporary until a
  2. I have tested this manual procedure a few times, and it seems to work. The notes (after importation) are not editable at the least... 1. Export the note(s) to a place where you can easily find them (computer desktop). 2. Open the notes in a text editor 3. Search for the section (near the end) that includes <note-attributes> 4. Copy a <content-class>xxxxx.xxxxx</content-class> somewhere before </note-attributes>. The API suggests that you use something company specific. I use my name. 5. Re-import the note to Evernote Is there an easier way?
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