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Hi everybody,

I've recently updated Evernote, and unless I'm wrong, now everytime I click on the "Close" window button, instead of completely exiting the app, it just minimizes it to the system tray.

I'd like to completely exit the app by clicking on its "Close" window button, just like I would do for most other apps.

How could I achieve this ? Thanks.

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Hi.  You could try File > Exit (Ctrl+Q) Evernote to close completely,  but if you then try to clip anything into the database,  Evernote may re-launch to save the clip.  Even after File > Exit there's an Evernote process running in the background (in about 30MB of memory) which allows the app to restart itself when necessary.  Kill that and you (obviously) won't be able to use any of the features until you restart it manually.

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Hi, thanks. Maybe I haven't been clear enough :

- I'm pretty sure that until now I was able to completely exit Evernote just by clicking on its "Close" button. Why can't I do it anymore ? Did they change something ?

- About the Evernote clipper process, I have already killed it once and for all by tweaking my registry ( HKCU\Software\Evernote\Evernote\StartEvernoteClipper). That process should be optional and handled by Evernote built-in options. It's no good programming practice to leave a running process in the background without the user's authorization, no matter how potentially useful that process may be. Period.

- I guess you are talking about another process : EvernoteTray.exe, that takes only about 300 KB RAM. How could I kill it once and for all ?


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EDIT : I have found a solution !

Closing vs. exiting depends on whether you have the "Synchronize changes in background" option enabled or not.

Enabled : Evernote.exe minimizes when clicking on its "Close" button. The process stays running and occupying memory.

Disabled : Evernote.exe exits

Voilà ! But that is yet another example of bad programming. Evernote developers really need to learn one of two things about programming. Not to mention the awful forced white background (something I had to tweak also, but it would be so much easier for everybody if it was included in the options...).

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Sorry - didn't realise how serious you were at closing down things.  The process I have left on closure shows as "Evernote.exe" which comes up in properties as Evernote Clipper - as I said,  it's Evernote keeping one eye open in case I clip something new.  I'm not worried about that - various apps from my AV to my printer leave similar scraps lying around in case I need them.

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