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Color for Interface

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I just got started with Evernote and am really struggling with both how boring it looks and how much more difficult the blah interface makes it to use. Am I missing something? I've looked everywhere for ways to customize the colors on my screen or be able to add personal aspects, or to be able to organize things using color cues that match my memory and thoughts about how I group different aspects of my life. 

I have been using Trello, but wanted to change to Evernote because it seemed more flexible. However, I just don't know if I can live in this gray world, and I don't know how anyone can remember or find things only using word tags without any kind of color organization. All of my Trello boards were different colors, and I found a way to add photos to each list I made so that the photos looked like headers and stayed visible at the top of each list to keep my page vibrant and also to provide me with instant visual cues of what to click on, where to add things, where to see things. 

Don't get me wrong -- I'm a writer and editor, and text is fantastic. But I'm also in my fifties and getting a little visually challenged, not into gray/black/white, and definitely into things that look sparkling and alive. If something is going to take up real estate on my screen, it needs to look warm and inviting and pleasing and colorful and fantastic. 

I keep watching tutorials and reading tips and thinking -- where is that button I push to give me some....teal? 

Please let me know if I am missing the obvious -- I'm crossing my fingers! 

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I agree, I find it pretty tiring and unintuituve in places. The formatting tools are all so faded that to me they look like they're supposed to be inactive. Adobe is guilty of this UI design travesty too, especially in Acrobat, so it must be the current fad.

Unfortunately this discussion board has taken the design ethic to an even more comical level in the last couple of days too. I can barely read some of the text :-(


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Seriously, yes. I love Evernote, but I hate green. If I could just change the color scheme, it would make it a million times easier for me to use. I wouldn't imagine this is a terribly difficult thing to implement, but I don't know their architecture - maybe it is. Please please please, Evernote, let us at least make minor UI adjustments.

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