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Sharing notes with embedded links to office docs

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I am using word 2007 to create a large doc that has hyperlinks to other office files such as PowerPoint slide shows and excel sheets and some individual ppt slides.  This works great on my computer, but if I try to share the file with my 2 partners on their computers (sent to them via email), the links don't work because the file paths are different for each of their computers even if they have all the files that the main doc links to.

My question is if there is a way to use basic Evernote to overcome these link issues by copying the word doc into an Evernote note, and then sharing the note with my partners? (or copying and then redoing the links)  Does an Evernote note with embedded links to office docs actually contain the data from the office file or is it still accessing it via the docs stored on my c drive?

If Evernote can be used in this way, how do I do it and if not, are there any suggestions such as google docs etc or other systems that will let me share - and ideally allow my partners to view and edit the master doc.


Rob 25

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In theory, Evernote can help overcome this. In order for this to work you'd need to have your partners also use Evernote. You could have the Word documents (or any files, for that matter) added to notes as attachments in notebooks you share with your partners. You could then use Evernote Note Links within those documents, and in other Evernote notes,  to link to those PowerPoint files, also stored as attachments in Evernote, and so on. 

Evernote Note Links allow you to paste links within Evernote, but also within almost any other application, and they become clickable hyperlinks to specific Evernote notes. This works so long as the link-clicker has permission to access that Evernote note (e.g., is part of a shared notebook that contains the note being linked to).

Again, these are ideal circumstances, the ability for you to achieve this is really contingent on whether you are able to on-board your partners with Evernote, which I know from experience can be a very hard sell (not Evernote specifically, but anything new...). 

Anyhow, short answer: Yes, based on the information you have provided, it is possible for Evernote to overcome the link issues.  

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Thanks for your reply.  That is encouraging - I know what you mean about getting partners on-board with Evernote.    However, as I understand it - my partners do not have to have Evernote installed on their computers - they just need to set up an account with username and password for me to share a note or a notebook with them   https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313288 scroll to "Do recipients of my shared notes and notebooks need to download Evernote?"

Back to the links question -  I am not clear from your description of setting up links in Evernote as to where the source files for the links need to be located.   Question - if I create a note in desktop mode, and the add a link to another file that is on my hard drive - which I know from experience I can then use on my desktop to open the source file(s)  can i then view that note on another device and the linked file will still open or does that only work on my  desktop computer?  In other words, does attaching a file from my hard drive put a copy of that file in the Evernote program so it can be viewed remotely or for that to work do I need to create a note for each of my auxiliary (source) files that I want to attach to my primary note and then link to those note "fiiles" and not to a file address on my hard drive?

The other question I have - is if I take a word doc with links within the doc (no external files involved) as well as some other links to other docs on my hard drive, and then copy and paste it into an Evernote note, will it retain the hyperlinks or will they be corrupted and I need to go back and redo them.?   If this works, it would allow my partners to do some work in Office and then transfer to evernote rather than have to learn how to use evernote before proceeding.

Thanks again for your help,


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