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Tables in won't flex to accomodate the inserted info

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For years I've been copying-pasting research info from the web mostly into a 3x3 table to quickly. Now tables in won't flex to accomodate the inserted info txt or img. 


Then it was fast, easy organize my research (text inc any images) would automatically fill the CENTRAL CELL nicely. And the txt & img would paste into the CENTRAL CELL and all the other cells would shrink nicely alloying me to add related topic info the each surrounding cell thereby filling out the table to the max width of my 27" monitor, and if I didn't need the

image I'd just simply delete it


How do I do that with the new version as indicated above?


PS:  Error This file was too big to upload , If I shrink my file to better demonstrate this from 32kb to 1.64 kb, you won't be able to view it?

How do I accomodate that rule?


PPS: Where do I indicate that I want to be auto emailed when I have a response to my post.




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Hi.  Ironically recent 'improvments' to table handling so it behaved more like MS Office seem to have broken your use case. 


How are you creating the table framework?  In Evernote's 'Insert Table' dialogue?

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I've tried copy/ pasting a table from Word - where you can use 'properties' to specify column and row behaviour (and next time I'll try background color too...) - and I found that the properties copy across;  so if you set up a standard table you might find that it will flex as before.  I'd also suggest raising this as a bug - click Troubleshooting in the Help Center (link below in my sig) and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the 'Contact Support' button.  You won't necessarily get any comeback,  but the devs will take a look at table behaviour and maybe fix this in a future update.

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