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Can I search for all the notes I've entered using my Evernote email address?

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Post title says it all. The reason I'm interested in doing this is because the other day a note appeared in my Evernote database that was supposedly an email addressed to one of my "ordinary" email addresses (not the one associated with my Evernote username. I received the same message (addressed to me) in my email client.


One explanation for this is that someone actually hacked my Mac "Contacts" address book. That's supposedly not possible unless someone has physical custody of my Mac and knowledge of my login credentials. That's not happened.


Another is that perhaps I sent somethingl to someone I correspond with frequently by inserting his email address into a "share this" link on a web page or a file repository and simultaneously created a new Evernote note using the same link interface. I have no idea whether that would arrive at my correspondent's computer with a wrapper that listed cc recipients or "to" recipients, including my "import this into Evernote" address, but that's the only explanation I can think of that explains how someone or some bot would gain access to my "import this into Evernote" email address, unless that import routine involves an initial hop to the internet that's not secure. I've used the email route to adding notes to my Evernote database extremely rarely, so if I could search for all the notes I've created via this route, I might be able to clarify what's befallen me.


Can anyone enlighten me on this?


Thanks so much,

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Try this in the Search box:


Thanks for that!

I'd expected the search result to consist of a few emails I'd explicitly forwarded to Evernote via placing my Evernote Address in the "To" field in the destination field of share links on email accounts.

In actuality, there were a FLOOD of emails that had come in because I'd applied a colored flag in Mail app that a "send message to Evernote" script recognized as a "receipt"

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