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Web Clipper button not there.


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I have Windows 8.1, the latest IE, and I guess what they call Metro on my tablet. So the instructions say that I 'may need to add the Web Clipper button to my browser.' I'm talking about the little green button with the elephant on it that I guess I would click on to add web site stuff to my notebooks. How do I add that?

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Here's what the instructions say:


To start clipping, launch the Web Clipper by clicking the elephant from your browser toolbar. In Internet Explorer, you may need to add the 'Evernote 5' button to the toolbar, and click the greater-than signs ('>>') to expand the toolbar to display the button.


To be more clear, I have IE 11. I have no idea what v3.3 Beta is. I DID download an app for touchscreens, but I can't figure out how to get this 'Evernote 5' button to show up.


If I go ahead and get Firefox browser, then what? I don't know anything about 'add-in pages'. Do I need to uninstall Evernote and start over? I would rather keep using IE though, but if Evernote won't work then what good is it?

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