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Google Play services control and privacy concern...

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Hello everybody!!


I have look @ Google Play services app for a while and was quite shock to see how much control it have on the phone!!


What I understand is Google Play services can access to info I put in apps, like user names and passwords????


It can know all phones numbers I had dialed and the names of all my contacts, well pretty much everything I put on the phone!!!


Does it can see my stuff in the evernote app?





Here is some shocking screen shots



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Thanks for the reply!


Your link doesn't answer my question.


The proplem is not with Evernote but with Google Play services.


I'm amazed how we don't ear about this very important privacy issue.


If this is doesn't sound an alarm bell with peoples, I don't know what will!!!




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Hi again.  If your problem is not with Evernote,  then I'm afraid we can't help you.  This is a user forum for the Evernote product.  Evernote have some specific views on privacy and data security which are expressed in the links I posted.  If that's not what you're looking for I suggest you find a Google forum to express your concerns.


It has been said (by Evernote) that the permissions categories are hopelessly and irrelevantly wide - yes,  the app 'could' call phone numbers,  take pictures and record audio without your specific permission - this is because it needs the 'phone/ camera/ microphone access to provide the features that you want to use - documenting contacts,  OCR documents and recording meetings.  But it won't.  See the previous links.  And if you ever find that Evernote has done something 'unexpected',  they're governed by the various undertakings they've given.  Contact them to complain!


Given that a number of Billion people use Android phones, I don't think Google will be changing their requirements for access to personal data anytime soon.  If you are seriously concerned by this you should really go for an Apple device - though you'd want to look carefully into their privacy arrangements too... 


Or just stop using  mobile platforms.

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