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Title - Autofill

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Is there a way to turn off the automatic filling of the title with the first line of the note???


I can't tell you how frustrating it is when I start typing a title, only to have it overwritten before I can finish.


Thanks in advance!!!



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I sympathise - I'm also on Win 8.1 and trying to change an autofill title is - very occasionally - a real pain.  For some reason I can start to type a new title,  only to have the note 'reset' and the old one reappear,  wiping out everything I just did.  That's ocassionally resulted in some mistitled notes if it jumps back and I don't notice because I'm by then working on the body text..  To add insult to injury this is an intermittent problem,  and the only guaranteed cure is for me to point a screen recorder at the note to attempt to video the error as it happens!


If there's text in a note,  there's no setting (AFAIK) to prevent autofill,  but one way around it may be to use a utility called EnRegEd.


This is is an application developed by experienced Evernote user @spg SCOTT to change some options that don't (yet) have a menu tickbox.  It hasn't been updated recently,  where Evernote has (a lot) so some of these settings may no longer work - use with caution...


Download the latest version (August 2014) here -



One of it's available features is to start a new note with the cursor in the Title field - which at least means you get first go at establishing the content!  (You can also alter a variety of other defaults and switch off type-ahead searches,)


EnRegEd options...





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Thank you very much for the detailed reply and advice.  One more question, if I may... Are you 

using EnRegEd?  It sounds like this may very well provide the solution to my problem.


My only hesitation lies with your comment to "use with caution".

I've only been using EN for about 8 months ( almost 1500 notes ) but I've become completely reliant on it at this point.

You've helped me with other issues, which I very much appreciate.  If you are currently using this, I feel comfortable trying it out.


As always, thanks for the help on this,


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Hi - I do use EnRegEd - that's my current settings in the picture.  I recommend care,  because there's no knowing when Evernote will update the app and stop it working,  and if you have any issues with Evernote generally,  the first order of business would be to deactivate any registry changes you've made using it.  I don't know whether all the original options still work,  but the ones ticked,  plus the cursor-in-title-field certainly do.


Before you start to make any changes,  do copy your database folder somewhere just in case.  It's a useful daily habit in case of any problems anyway!


You'll need to File > Exit Evernote,  make any changes,  then restart EN to see the differences.  Good Luck!

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One more question Gaz...


Do you know if EN has this in their queue to fix?

You mentioned that because it's intermittent you needed to try and record it...

which sounds like it may be unacknowledged by EN at this point.




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I don't know whether Evernote is looking at this.  They've just launched a new editor and are looking to improve the consistency and availability of features across different operating systems and platforms,  so the Editor will be getting a lot of love generally,  but my particular fault is so random that I haven't reported it yet.  I mean to set up an external video recorder (a mobile phone) pointed at my screen,  on the assumption that when a system screen recorder is registering the note title area,  that 'fixes' the note somehow so it doesn't twitch away my headings.  I'm sure one Beta put the cursor in the title for new notes, but my present Public release (there's no current Beta) doesn't.  Either they removed the facility to start with a title because some users winged about it,  or my use of EnRegEd confused the registry settings so much that mine is now starting up in the note body again.


That,  I find,  is no great hardship - in most cases I just type the title in the first line so it gets copied into the correct field,  or a quick Shift+Tab jumps the cursor back.


Back in my world un'fix'ed notes sporadically continue to retitle themselves,  but when I monitor carefully,  the don't.  Either Skynet controls my laptop and is subtly trying to irritate me into physical violence*,  or I miss a step when I watch my actions closely.  More to follow on this,  maybe after the holidays...


*When Asimov's Prime Directives get overturned and the laptop can attack!  :blink:

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Ironically, just had the update notification pop up.... 

Looking forward to checking out the enhancements to the editor.


Hope Skynet cuts you a break :)

Have a great Christmas and New Year's if I don't talk to you before next year.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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