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  1. @Neyghey Sure thing Nehghey... Sounds good. I'll keep my eye out for it and be sure to vote it up as soon as I see it...
  2. Hey Neyghey.... Man..., all I can say is Wow! That looks perfect and... I agree... As awesome as EN is... it would,... without a doubt, be SO much better with this functionality! Thanks for sharing this with me.... and... YES.. I think you should start a thread on this. You just may get the ball rolling and we'd all be in your debt Thanks again!
  3. Hey... thanks a lot for the quick reply DTLow! Very much appreciated... I will definitely check out Fastscripts. thanks again! ..bob
  4. Just one more... +1. Shortcut Keys.... especially to clear reminders... would save me quite a bit of wasted time. I right click on the task and select Clear from there but... being able to keep my hands on the keyboard and use short cuts when going through my lists would be VERY helpful. Been using EN for years and certainly will continue to do so... but adding the ability to add custom shortcuts...or even adding canned shortcuts for the obvious things would be GREAT! tia... Bob
  5. Ironically, just had the update notification pop up.... Looking forward to checking out the enhancements to the editor. Hope Skynet cuts you a break Have a great Christmas and New Year's if I don't talk to you before next year. Thanks again for the feedback!
  6. One more question Gaz... Do you know if EN has this in their queue to fix? You mentioned that because it's intermittent you needed to try and record it... which sounds like it may be unacknowledged by EN at this point. tia, Bob.
  7. I'll most likely wind up giving this a shot I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks again, Bob.
  8. Thank you very much for the detailed reply and advice. One more question, if I may... Are you using EnRegEd? It sounds like this may very well provide the solution to my problem. My only hesitation lies with your comment to "use with caution". I've only been using EN for about 8 months ( almost 1500 notes ) but I've become completely reliant on it at this point. You've helped me with other issues, which I very much appreciate. If you are currently using this, I feel comfortable trying it out. As always, thanks for the help on this, Bob.
  9. Thanks for the reply gazumped. Very much appreciated! My question is related to the Windows Client. I use EN on Android as well but the bulk of the heavy lifting is done on the Windows Client. tia, Bob.
  10. Is there a way to turn off the automatic filling of the title with the first line of the note??? I can't tell you how frustrating it is when I start typing a title, only to have it overwritten before I can finish. Thanks in advance!!! Bob.
  11. Read Post #10 this morning. After being frustrated for a good month or so...Decided to give it a try. Been using EN all day as I do everyday and.... so far so good. Looks like Logging out, renaming the Database folder, Logging back in and allowing it to rebuild did the trick. Thanks Gazumped! and thanks kz1231 for validating this worked for you...
  12. Thanks for the reply gazumped. much appreciated. Still have not been able to reboot yet today.. one of those days... Hopefully after a reboot it starts working again... thanks again, ..bob
  13. Just upgraded to and now "Present" and "Present on another screen" are no longer working. Will try to reboot my machine... much later today but was wondering if there are known problems. tia! ..bob
  14. Thanks for the replies! I really appreciate the feedback. The rest of the day was pretty good. Hopefully the performance is now stabilized. Possibly reindexing and or syncing caused what I was experiencing. EN is so far beyond the other apps I've been using. I felt deflated when the performance slugged out. Like I say though... The rest of the day was fine so...I'm optimistic. Thanks again for the feedback! ..bob
  15. Thanks for the reply... it's actually been working well this morning. Possibly the sync was the issue. Maybe everything is now in line. Much appreciated!
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