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  1. @Neyghey Sure thing Nehghey... Sounds good. I'll keep my eye out for it and be sure to vote it up as soon as I see it...
  2. Hey Neyghey.... Man..., all I can say is Wow! That looks perfect and... I agree... As awesome as EN is... it would,... without a doubt, be SO much better with this functionality! Thanks for sharing this with me.... and... YES.. I think you should start a thread on this. You just may get the ball rolling and we'd all be in your debt Thanks again!
  3. Hey... thanks a lot for the quick reply DTLow! Very much appreciated... I will definitely check out Fastscripts. thanks again! ..bob
  4. Just one more... +1. Shortcut Keys.... especially to clear reminders... would save me quite a bit of wasted time. I right click on the task and select Clear from there but... being able to keep my hands on the keyboard and use short cuts when going through my lists would be VERY helpful. Been using EN for years and certainly will continue to do so... but adding the ability to add custom shortcuts...or even adding canned shortcuts for the obvious things would be GREAT! tia... Bob
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