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Android Tablets and Handwriting in Evernote

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I've done some searching in the forums but haven't found a thread that answers this question.

I'm considering the purchase of an Android tablet with dedicated stylus - probably the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen so that I can capture notes by writing rather than typing on my tablet.

What's not clear to me is how this would work with Evernote, I know that Samsung has its own note taking app but what I'd like to do is to be able to write directly into an Evernote note, is this possible?  If not, what are my options here?


Help greatly appreciated!

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Hi.  I use a Samsung Note 4 and the stylus works with both S-Note and Evernote Ink notes.  S-Notes can save to Evernote.  The one thing to bear in mind is that notes created in EN Ink are not editable in S-Note and vice-versa,  so it's better to pick one and stick with it.  Also content created on a desktop is not compatible with the mobile version and vice-versa so if you need to edit notes you may have to add typed comments below the writing or in another note and link the two with titles / tags / keywords or note links. 

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